Wellworth Technology

Wellworth Group is a well-established and highly sophisticated PVC pipes & fittings manufacturer with experienced in-house resources.
With its finest PVC products of premium quality standards, the company is uniquely positioned to be one of the leading brands among the industry.
The company has a strong vision to provide high quality life style experiences to its consumers with maximum economic advantages.


Progressive thoughts need finest support from a sophisticated background. The same is here in Wellworth. The company always presents a good commitment towards their valuable customers by providing them quality products with maximum economical benefits.

Pipe Extruders

Wellworth uses the highly advanced 4 die technology for their PVC pipes manufacturing. It’s the most developed and ultra novel technology for this kind of production. This technology can produce 4 pipes at a time with its premium quality grades.

The ultra modern technology plants consists of advanced inline threading machine, inline socket making machine and automatic threading machine. The added machineries encourage the production by faster and more efficient functioning.


Wellworth hoses are produced by using 3 die and twin die technological support.
3 die technology is now used for the making of suction hoses and the twin dye for garden hoses.

Quality machineries facilitate the well spring of the company, Wellworth. With a strong dealer back ground, traversal services and its incomparable warehousing facilities encourage the organization to spread its wings to the next generation standards.

Wellworth is one among the most trusted brands in PVC manufacturing industry

4 Die Technology

Mirror Finish Technology (MFT)

Mirror Finish Technology was introduced to the world for the first time by Mr M. A. Haseeb, the Chairman of Well Worth Group. The company is always stringent in developing new technologies that goes in tune with the changing demands of the customers. Hence, development of MFT was the result of one of our continuous efforts to bring in excellence with difference.

Through diligent work on market research & customer reviews, we have interpreted that cost effectiveness along with superior quality are what our customers require in general. Keeping these credentials in mind, we have planned to develop a new futuristic technology that can bring a sea of change in the domain.

MFT is the technology of mirror finishing the interior surface of pipes. The gloss finish makes the pipe smoother, making water flow easier as well as faster. The mirror coat inside that turns the surface even & free from surface holes resists bacterial adhesion and growth. The extra hard MFT pipes are corrosion & chemical resistant as well as durable.

Moreover, it possesses unique advantages like easy – fast installation, light weight, easy transportation & rust free. Well Worth’s MFT Pipes with laboratory proven C Value (C value is the indicator for smoothness of pipes. Higher the C Value, higher the pace of water flow) of 170 saves up to 30% electricity. Since MFT Pipes are manufactured using the latest 4 Die Technology, the production cost remains low and thus its market price as well.

The smooth ‘Mirror Finish’ reduces friction (C-value) increasing water flow drastically, conventional pipes have a C-value of 150,Well Worth MFT pipes have an industry leading C-value of 170.

The mirror creates a surface so smooth that it reduces friction and hence, the load on water pumps, thereby saving up to 30% electricity.