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How to check Quality Standards of a pipe


Parameters laid down by Bureau of Indian standards to check the quality are as follows:

  • All ISI marked PVC must be grey in colour, with smooth inner and outer surfaces and they should be visually sound.
  • Effective length of pipe should be 6 meters. (Socketed part must not be counted in length)
  • Pipe cutting should be without burr.
  • Thickness can be verified by ball point micrometer and O.D. by pie
  • Tape or O.D. can be checked by customer by inserting pipe in good quality Pipe fitting Pipe must go tight in the fitting to ensure leak proof joint with solvent cement.
  • The wall of the pipe shall not transmit more than 0.2 % of the visible light.
  • ISI standard 4985 is silent about weight of pipe; Thickness of the pipe must be as per IS and following test are carried out before marking ISI.


Some manufactures add unwanted amount of Calcium carbonate to gain pipe weight and sell the pipes on the basis of weight. This Calcium carbonate causes blockages in the pipes, thus reducing mass and heat transfer.

Wellworth Monsoon


PVC pipes are commonly used for manufacturing sewage pipes, agriculture and irrigation. PVC piping is one of the most used types of piping, there is a lot of competition between manufacturers. It is therefore important for PVC pipe producers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, both in terms of delivering consistent product quality, as well as offering a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Wellworth monsoon is a high-class quality non-ISI pipe in the market.

  • The pipe has best smoother finish both inside and out compared to any non-ISI pipes.
  • Due to its high finish, there occurs low friction
  • Pipe has high flow rate


  • easy to install
  • Strong and durable
  • Cost efficient and sustainable

Well worth monsoon is the best choice among non-ISI segment.