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Wellworth M F T Pipes

Availing mirror finished technology, Wellworth has brought about a new era in PVC Pipe’s Industry called Wellworth MFT Pipe.

The inner side of WELLWORTH MFT pipe, produced with the latest 4 DIE technology, is extremely hard and extra smooth and its wear resistance is of the highest in the PVC world . It is much economical and offers great value for money. So it is affordable for any class of clients. When compared to other PVC pipes, the interior of WELLWORTH MFT pipe is endowed with mirror like finish. So the water gets only minute resistance and it can be pumped to any length and heights. It can SAVE more energy and ensure hygienic condition of water supply by preventing dirt and bacteria to accumulate.

Wellworth M F T Pipes

# Cost effective. Thanks to unique 4 Die Technology*
# With the use of MFT Technology it causes less friction hence more discharge and power saving
# No penetration of bacteria and other micro organism through the wall of the pipe


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