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Wellworth Group is a well-established and highly sophisticated PVC pipes & fittings manufacturer with experienced in-house resources. With its finest PVC products of premium quality standards, the company is uniquely positioned to be one of the leading brands among the industry.The company have a strong vision to provide high quality life style experiences to its consumers with maximum economic advantages.







Wellworth Well Bond

 Wellbond is a premium grade PVC adhesive, free from lumps and insoluble particles. It is specifically formulated for all ranges of pressure and non pressure PVC Pipes & Fittings.
Its Sp.Gravity level is 0.92-0.95; Hydrostatic burst strength is 25-28 kg/cm after 2 hour of Curing time


# Excellent bond strength.

#  High hydrostatic burst strength

#  Fast setting.

#  Premium grade of PVC

# Free from lumps and insoluble particles.





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